Brewed with Purpose: ForrestBrew’s Commitment to Sustainability

Brewed with Purpose: ForrestBrew’s Commitment to Sustainability

At ForrestBrew, sustainability is a cornerstone of our brand, underscoring our commitment to minimising our environmental impact. Our dedication to sustainability comes to life in the following initiatives we've already put in place. 

Sourcing and Ingredients

  1. Organic Tea Leaves: We source our organic black and green tea leaves from the Havukal Estate, a partner that aligns with our values and demonstrates profound respect for their workers and the environment through sustainable and economically responsible practices. Besides ensuring that our kombucha are pure and clean for our consumers, we are also able to preserve the natural flavours and health benefits of our brews, all while supporting organic farming. 

  2. Local Sourcing: We hand-pick our fruits and vegetables from local markets, ensuring the freshness and quality of our ingredients, while reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Production Practices

  1. Eco-friendly Production: By brewing in small batches, we can conduct meticulous quality control, ensuring that every batch meets our standards. This approach minimises excess production, thereby reducing potential waste.

  2. Waste Management: At ForrestBrew, we turn our used tea leaves and fruit and vegetable waste from flavouring our kombucha into eco-enzymes - a natural cleaning agent. This initiative promotes a circular economy.


    1. Recyclable Packaging: We opt for glass bottles for our kombucha, leveraging the sustainable nature of glass, which can be recycled repeatedly without any loss in quality.

    2. Eco-friendly Labels: Our labels are designed to be easily removable from our bottles, leaving no residue behind. This feature encourages our consumers to reuse our glass bottles.

    3. Environmentally-friendly Jute: Our durable jute bag, used for packaging our 8 and 12 pack kombucha, is versatile and reusable for various occasions, promoting eco-friendly habits among our consumers. 
    Read more about our choice of packaging.

      Community and Education

      1. Consumer Education: We actively share our knowledge about eco-enzymes and highlight our sustainability practices through social media, workshops, and pop-up events.

      2. Partnerships with Eco-friendly Brands: We partner with like-minded brands such as Bfooding, which provides eco-friendly cups for our events, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability.

      Our journey is constantly evolving, and we are excited for what's ahead. Having said that, we're dedicated to making a real difference by integrating sustainability into everything we do, now and in the future. This commitment allows us to give back to the ecosystems that inspire us, staying true to the very essence of ForrestBrew.