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Swifties, Sip & Celebrate: Explore Taylor Swift's Eras with Forrestbrew's Kombucha Discovery Set


Calling all Swifties and kombucha lovers, get ready to embark on a flavor journey inspired by Taylor Swift's iconic eras with Forrestbrew's exclusive Eras Tour: Discovery Set!

This limited-edition pack features six miniature bottles of our signature kombucha flavors, each adorned with stunning labels inspired by Taylor's beloved albums. It's the perfect way to celebrate your love for Taylor while discovering new, delicious kombucha blends.

Dive into the Flavors of Taylor's Eras:

  • Lover: Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha - A sweet and romantic blend bursting with berry flavor, reminiscent of carefree summer nights.
  • Red: Apple Ginger Kombucha - Bold and fiery, just like the Red era, with a touch of spice to keep things interesting.
  • 1989: Mint Lime Nojito Kombucha - A refreshingly cool and bubbly mix, perfect for reliving the carefree vibes of ‘89 with your crew.
  • Fearless: Chrysanthemum & Goji Berries Kombucha - Delicate and balanced, with a touch of floral sweetness that embodies Fearless confidence, just like your girl gang.
  • Midnights: Apple Beetroot Carrot Kombucha - A deep and mysterious blend, reflecting the introspective mood of Midnights, with earthy beetroot and vibrant carrot undertones.
  • Speak Now: Passionfruit Kombucha - A tropical explosion of flavor, as bold and unforgettable as the Speak Now era itself.
More than just delicious kombucha, this Discovery Set is:
  • A collector's item: Each bottle features stunning artwork inspired by the corresponding album, making it a must-have for any Swiftie fan.
  • A friendship token: Share the flavors, share the memories, and share the love with your fellow Taylor Swift and kombucha-loving friend!

Don't miss out! Pre-order your Eras Tour: Discovery Set today before it's gone. Remember, pre-orders are currently available - limited stocks apply!

Bonus Offer: Unlock FREE SHIPPING when you purchase two sets! Grab one for yourself and one for your bestie.

Ready to sip and celebrate? Pre-order your Eras Tour: Discovery Set here!

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