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Singapore’s first Kombucha-Filled Mooncake: Baking Traditional Mooncake with a Modern Twist!

Mid-Autumn Festival is a highly regarded tradition celebrated in Singapore. This festival is usually celebrated when the moon is at its fullest and brightest, with people eating mooncakes, drinking tea, and admiring the moon.

Did you say Kombucha Mooncake?

Yes! This year, ForrestBrew has teamed up with Cavemen and Origin Bakehaus to curate a modern twist to traditional Mooncake - replacing salted egg yolk with Kombucha-filled mooncake.

Origin Bakehaus uses kombucha as a healthy alternative to salted egg yolk, which is often seen as an unhealthy snack. The best part? You still taste all the goodness of a traditional mooncake!

Behind the Bakes – Chef Winnie Goh, Founder of Origin BakeHaus 

Chef Winnie Goh

Chef Winnie is a highly passionate Pastry Chef. Growing up, Chef Winnie was inspired by her mother’s bakes and decided to embark her professional career in Pastry. Driven by her commitment and passion, Chef Winnie was awarded Pastry Chef of the Year in 2018 World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence. Rich in experience, Chef Winnie worked with renowned brands such as Shangri-La, Regent, Pan Pacific, and Mandarin Orchard.

What made you want to start your own bakery?

“We all want to do something meaningful, something of your own. When you are younger you want to achieve and do so much but always committed by other things. Now, I’m free to do anything I wish – offer mentoring, consultancy, working on different project. So I feel so enjoyable and I love what I am doing.”

What can we expect from Kombucha Mooncake?

“I love the tanginess of Kombucha which I think it pairs very nicely with the mooncake. When you taste them, you taste the sweetness of the lotus paste yet a very slight tanginess of the Kombucha. Overall the taste is not too sweet.”

Shop Here for a Delicious Treat!

This special edition of the Kombucha Mooncake is available exclusively online at

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Assorted Kombucha Mooncake

Each box comes with 8 pieces of the following flavours:
• 2 pcs of Apple Ginger Kombucha Traditional Mooncake (The Zesty)
• 2 pcs of Pineapple Kombucha Traditional Mooncake (The Refreshing)
• 2 pcs of Passionfruit Kombucha Traditional Mooncake (The Tangy)
• 2 pcs of Chrysanthemum & Goji Berries Kombucha Traditional Mooncake (The Vitality)

*Limited Stocks Available*