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Mother's Day Special: Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha (750ml)


Nourish Mom from Within: Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha (750ml)

This Mother's Day, surprise Mom with a gift that keeps on giving: our vibrant and delicious Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha! This delightful brew is more than just a refreshing drink; it's a symphony of familiar flavours that will invigorate her senses and support her overall well-being.

A Flavourful Bouquet for Mom:

  • A Floral Oasis: Delicate floral notes complemented by natural goji sweetness and a burst of tangy cranberry.
  • An Everyday Ally: High in antioxidants and probiotics to support immunity, gut health, and digestion.
  • Gift-Ready Elegance: A toast-worthy 750ml bottle, perfect for raising a glass with Mom on her special day.

Double the delight: Unlock FREE SHIPPING when you buy 2 bottles of our Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha!

#MothersDay #CelebrateMom

  • Limited stocks apply.
  • Free shipping with purchase of min. 2 sets per delivery location.

Mother's Day Special: Hibiscus Goji Cranberry Kombucha (750ml)